Bike Park Turist Șuior

Eternal challenge awaits you!

The tourist resort of Șuior offers you several bicycle trails specially designed and prepared for downhill mountain biking (Downhill/ Enduro).

These trails were built specifically for this purpose by experienced cyclists from the local community, who in partnership with the Șuior Tourist Complex wanted to contribute to the development of mountain biking in our county. As they are downhill trails (starting point is at an altitude of 1000m – Cota 1000), access to them is from Cota 1000, which can be reached by chairlift, on which you can also take your bike safely by means of special supports provided by the chairlift staff.

At Șuior you can find a blue trail, which is a classic downhill trail of low to medium difficulty and is about 2 km long with a difference in level of about 332m. It is specially designed for this purpose and can be done by most people who have been on the uphill trails or other mountain biking trails. If you have never been to Șuior before, this is the trail we recommend you to try cycling down and to be accompanied by an experienced person. This is the first trail that was built, which is why it is also called “Trail1”.

Trail2 (red) – is a route that deviates from the blue one after approx. 300 m and is recommended for advanced (red), being a slightly more difficult trail than the blue one. It is aimed at more experienced cyclists, who can handle natural, less artificially landscaped trails. This trail existed before the blue one and was connected by a new segment to Trail1. As can be seen on the map they meet at the last segment of the blue trail.

Trail3 (red) – this is the second trail for advanced riders, built in a more dynamic style, designed to bring diversity and help the evolution of the cyclists who come to the bike park at Șuior. You can find here various obstacles designed to test your skills and delight you with different elements specific to these types of activities. At the moment, Route 3 is half completed, which is why it intersects with Route 1, the second half will be completed during the 2023 season.