Events Pavilion

Have you imagined what it’s like to build the most beautiful memory of your life on top of the mountain?

Did you ever imagine what it’s like to build the most beautiful memories of your life on the top of the mountain? How it would be like to have your wedding on a high note from all points of view? At Șuior this dream may come true… The location, the setting and the services will turn your wedding into an album filled with rare memories. The offer stands for theme parties, conferences, sports events and any other types of meetings also.

Elegant and modern, on a surface of 750 sqm and a maximum capacity of 500 seats, the event pavilion is the ideal spot for all the above. Fitted with everything necessary, at the level of all modern establishments, refined menus and irreproachable services,  `ȘUIOR EVENTS` is the solution that combines accesible elegance with sophistication and taste for events that are always `at height`.

Are you looking for the right place? Now you have found it!

You can walk through every nook and cranny, explore the exquisite details and imagine how it would look when arranged in your preferred style. You can admire the warm lights and intimate ambience that create a perfect setting to celebrate in a truly special way.

Explore the elegance and versatility of our events pavilion with the virtual tour!