The restaurant is build in the same rustic and elegant style characterizing the entire location at Altitude 1000. It has a capacity of more than 100 seats inside, arranged both downstairs and upstairs.

The Romanian cuisine is fully valued, the entire menu being dominated by traditional dishes such as: ”mămăliguță” and cheese and sour cream, sarmale with smoked bacon, pork and brigandian cabbage , grilled chicken and pork, rustic plateaus such as: ”Dărnicia moroșanului”(The Old Man’s Generosity), ”Gustarea păstorilor” (The Sheperds’ Snack), ”Plăcerea haiducilor” (The Brigands Pleasure), ”Ospățul drumeților” (The Travelers’ Feast), and all these generously ”sprinkled” by ”green” Maramureș horincă and wine, in music sounds from Maramureş, a mixture intended to make you feel a truly welcomed guest.

As from spring and until autumn, and even during the winter, at the Altitude 1000 the guests can dine in pen space on the 2 especially arranged terraces. A smaller one, with 40 seats, located near the restaurant and a second one, we have poetically named ”the floating terrace”, that floats on the lake build on the top of the mountain. The latter has 60 seats arranged in a rustic style, a style one can find here everywhere. While enjoying a snack or a glass of wine, one can see the continuous play of the fish to their feet and can admire the idyllic nature surrounding these absolutely gorgeous places.

At the basement of the restaurant, there is a bar able to host more than 100 people. We have generically named this place as ”After Ski Bar”, considering that it is mainly used during winter. The beauty of this place is given by its stone decoration, being the perfect place where tired skiers coming from the track can rest while having some boiled wine or plum brandy, hot and clod drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and where they can eat fast-food type dishes, all in a frienly atmosphere, inspired by the warn style in the place.

The conference hall at the Altitude 1000 could not break the rustic pattern here, it has a capacity of 60 seats. Although the architecture and the furniture could not get any more rustic than that, the endowments here are actually modern, such as: video-projector, projection screen, flipchart, audio-video devices, fix microphones.

The warm and friendly environment in this room make the events organized here more pleasant and novel.