Șuior Area

Șuior is by excellence a winter mountain resort, outstanding especially due to the facilities provided for the sport lovers, specific for this time of year. Located on the northern slope of Mogoșa Mountain, and having a length of 3600 m, the sky tracks in Şuior Complex are rated as average difficulty tracks. The high difficulty areas are well mixed with smoother slopes, thus providing for a special charm and the permanent feeling of new and adrenaline for the skiers.

Without any trace of false modesty, we can guarantee you that in ȘUIOR you shall find the best ski tracks in the area. Skiers looking for ski slopes in Maramures, Romania, are invited to stay at Turist Suior where they will enjoy skiing on the well equipped pistes.

Prices for ski in Șuior 2013-2014 EXTRAWEEKEND (Monday-Friday) WEEKEND (Saturday-Sunday)
Climbing 7,5 lei/1.8 Eur/ climb 4 lei/0,96 Eur/ climb 10 lei/2,4 Eur/ climb 5 lei/1,2 Eur/ climb
”DECATOUR”/”JUNIOR” Subscription 60 lei/14,3 Eur/ 10 climbs 30 lei/7,2 Eur/ 10 climbs 80 lei/19 Eur/ 10 climbs 40 lei/9,5 Eur/ 10 climbs
"SKIPASS + Subscription" 120 lei/28,5 Eur/ day/ person 60 lei/14,3 Eur/ day/ child 160 lei/38 Eur/ day/ person 80 lei/19 Eur/ day/ child
SKIPASS SUPERPLUS 220 lei/59,5 Eur/ 24 hours 260 lei/69 Eur/ 24 hours
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The tracks are equipped with:

  • artificial snow installation, on a length of 3600 m;
  • night lighting installation on a length of 1500 m;
  • a funicular having the capacity of 1200 persons / hour endowed with a TAG based system;
  • 2 high power devices to level the tracks;

We also have a modern ski or snowboard equipment rental center equipped with more than 250 equipments; The funicular departure station is located 50 m from the complex terrace.

For beginners and children, we have arranged a 100 m long track equipped with baby-ski. The ski trainers are ready at all times during the season to reveal the secrets of this wonderful sport to those interested.

For those who do not want to, cannot or do not know how to ski, we have arranged, for fun and relaxation, at the Altitude 1000 a 100 m tubing track. We give you the equipment, you bring the courage and the joy and adrenaline are guaranteed.