Altitude 1000 Cabins


As you go up from the valley to the top you will notice two of the natural elements that have always defined the land of Maramures, the wood and the water, and you will find a place where tradition, hospitality and beauty have mingled together and where you can breathe and live in the rhythm of nature.

This place is privileged by nature itself, surrounded by mountains covered with beech forests, where you can spend unforgettable moments at one of our three tourist chalets, called: GUTÂI, ŢIBLEȘ and PIETROSU which were named after three well-known Maramures mountains. Here the rustic decorations will help you escape the artificiality of the modern world. It is a style that invigorates and inspires any guest to transcend to a mental level beyond the earthly world. Each chalet has 5 rooms with matrimonial beds and a large lounge room for relaxation. In each room you will find rustic furniture, a minibar, a colour TV set, satellite television and a shower cabin. The rusticity of the atmosphere brings nature closer and has a peaceful, relaxing effect.

Room type
Matrimonial Bed
Prices in RON
220 Ron
Prices in EURO
47 Euro
  • The prices include breakfast, local tax and VAT.
  • Discounts are available for groups
  • At Altitude 1000 there are only rooms with matrimonial bed.
Payment options
  • cash
  • bank wire
  • card